ShiSha PAN Kaysar City-PAPHOS

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ShiSha PAN Kaysar City

ShiSha PAN Kaysar City Specifics:

Brand Name: Kaysar City
Type: Shisha
Material: Glass vase
Vase : Double hose connection included
Height: 40 cm
Weight: 3.2 kg
Hose: Silicone and aluminum handle included


First of all there are two different parts in the ShiSha PAN Kaysar City.
The actual shisha and the automobile.
At a first glance do not seem to have a particular relationship.
One is the symbol of an ancestral tradition and glorifies the art of immobility.
And the other one has accompanied the development of modern society and constitutes the quintessence of movement.
However, the design crosses the borders of very distinct universes.
Therefore it brings together worlds that did not seem destined to speak to each other.
The PAN Kaysar City hookah is the perfect example of the explosion of barriers between disciplines.
That is due to its ultra modern design borrowed from that of a shock absorber.
Another important factor is that the column of this shisha with a resolutely masculine look.
Also it is surrounded by a spring reminiscent of the suspensions of a motor racing car.
Finally the shape of each part, from the hose connectors through the plate to the handle,
has been designed to spin the automotive metaphor,
and deliver a shisha of rare beauty!