Starter kit

Starter Kit

Starter kit is what every new vaper needs.
That is because you will find in the box the mod and the atomizer as well.
These two together makes a vape.
Furthermore, some kits have the battery included and some don’t.
In the description you will see if you are going to need extra battery.
Finally, none of them has included the e liquid.
Therefore you are going to need to by it separately.

For those who are just starting to get acquainted with vape, we advise you to buy an electronic cigarette in the eGo style (all in one) or complete kit. It is easy to use and maintain, but it also allows you to fully enjoy the taste of your favorite liquid.

EGo electronic cigarettes

It’s no secret that Joyetech already means the quality of the product, and eGo cigarettes released can be safely distinguished as a bright and legendary series. It can be argued that electronic cigarettes Joye eGo became a new milestone in the history of vaping and all models that were released are absolutely unique.
The very first model that entered the market has already set standards for all devices. The use of the 510 connector starts from them. Atomizers now produced are almost all designed for the 510 connector, and almost all steam makers consider it a duty to buy an eGo cigarette.
The first copies can already be called museum exhibits, since technology has stepped far forward, but despite this, eGo style electronic cigarettes are also distinguished by originality, reliability, quality and convenience.
Electronic cigarette for beginners.
The most famous model is now eGo AIO, which has a simple evaporator system and excellent taste transfer. This model will be enjoyed by almost all steam workers.
This product almost immediately became popular. Among fans of electronic cigarettes, eGo models became so famous that all the smokers in the world did not need to say what kind of product it was.
In addition, they became so many fakes and clones that market dealers simply saturate the market a few months after launching them on sale. This was another indication that the product is really popular among vapers.
Further on the market appeared the eGo-C model, which operated on its replaceable evaporators. An innovative approach to the implementation of heating elements has significantly reduced the cost of their operation and helped to make these electronic cigarettes affordable for even more consumers.
The final was the eGo-CC model. He has a clearomizer and it was very easy to refill the tank. Of course, this device has become very famous, but for certain reasons, the chiefs of Joyetech decided to “preserve” this series for some time.
Not so long ago, the company’s specialists showed the public the eGo AIO series. These devices, or what their name is in Cyprus and Eu, electronic ego cigarettes (ego) have become worthy successors of this legendary series.