Contact Us

Contact us

First of all you can contact us for any troubles or questions that you have.
We are here to help you only in the best way.
It is very easy to contact us and you can do it in four ways.

First online:

Online you can leave us a message no matter of the time or day.
There is a small window on your right where it shows if we are online or not.
Because of a really hard working team, you will have a reply to your message in minutes.
If not by signing up to our site, your email will automatically appear to us.
Therefore we are able to reply to you by email.

Second by phone:

Another way that you can contact us is by phone.
We are not only an online shop, but you can also find us in Paphos, Cyprus.
Therefore a phone number is attached to the site.
This is for those who want to find us, to visit and see the electronic from close.
You can also call us if you want to by more products (wholesale).

Third by email:

You can email us for any reason that you see fit and we will reply to you.

Forth on our Facebook page:

Fell free to add us on Facebook as well.
Plenty of new electronics and every day status can be found there as well.
Therefore, you can text us on messenger or comment the pictures.
And in no time your going to have reply from us.

Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Get in touch,

    You are a manufacturer contact us

    The shop

    you can find us in the center of Paphos in 7to11 kiosk masouras in the same place

    Business Hours

    Mon - Sun / 06:00 AM - 11:00 PM