Pod System Kits

Pod System Kits

First of all a pod system is the new technology in vaping.
The device is small and very portable.
Because of its size most vapers prefer it now.
Also the device is very easy to use.
Therefore, all new vapers should try it as well.
Another factor is that the pod system has a MTL pod cartridge.
Therefore you will enjoy a mouth to lung experience.
Finally, The Pod System Kits come in all colors.
Here is a pod system – vapes arranged on the principle of all in one. All of them are designed for the delivery of nicotine into the body, the task is performed better than tablets and plasters. Any device on this page meets the motto “buy and use”: it does not require long training, complex settings, calculations – just fill in the liquid and steam!

Pods are available with built-in batteries, all models are equipped with an electronic board. A full range of evaporator and battery protection is provided. The heater is located in the cartridge. This part of the structure also combines the mouthpiece and the fluid reservoir. The usual 510 connector is missing; the contacts of each model are developed individually.
Sub Systems – More Than A Starter Kit

Such devices were produced for a long time, were considered mainly as probes, starter kits. Interest in them was slightly higher than in disposable electronic cigarettes. The situation was changed by the appearance of liquids on saline nicotine. Now the best pod systems are designed specifically for saltbase-based jams. Even manufacturers who previously did not consider it necessary to develop its 2.0 plug-ins include these devices in the assortment.

The renaissance of sub-vapes was launched by two main features of salt nicotine. The first is the effect of a blow to the head, familiar to smokers of analog cigarettes. Familiar formulations do not possess it, saturate more gently. Salt nicotine is absorbed quickly, acts 27 seconds after the start of the session, while the level of stimulation is the same as from tobacco smoke. The second feature is that saltbase does not irritate the larynx due to its neutral pH. This made it possible to increase the concentration of the alkaloid so that saturation occurred over 5–7 puffs even with a small amount of steam.

Due to the properties of nicotine salt, Pod Systems have proven to be an ideal tool for its delivery. If the main requirement for vape is to effectively get the usual dose of the stimulator, the trial device may become permanent. The size of the device also gives an advantage: a miniature gadget hides in any palm, does not attract the attention of others. The hearths produce relatively little steam, which also contributes to covert use. For a smoke break in public places, this option is preferable to a large vape with a dense bulk.
Pod Selection Tips

Presented gadgets are equipped with the following types of cartridges:

Closed, or replaceable, disposable; do not refuel, after drying are thrown out, new ones are put in their place. Devices with such cartomizers are recommended to be purchased for testing or as an alternative to a regular vape in rare situations such as long trips.
Open maintenance free; contain a heater that is not suitable for replacement or repair, but may be repeatedly charged with liquid. When the resource of the evaporator is exhausted, which is manifested by bitterness in the taste of steam, the cartridge is replaced. Such Pod systems can be bought for continuous use, but test the availability of consumables.
Open serviced; refuel, equipped with a replaceable evaporator. In fact, such a cartridge is operated as a tank of a traditional vape, only the heater is replaced. The device is also suitable for everyday soaring.

Open cartridges are more economical than closed cartridges in use, but options are possible relative to each other. The maintenance-free version with a simple head is sometimes cheaper than a high-tech replaceable evaporator. The resource of the heater depends on the intensity of the load, the approximate period is a week.

The battery capacity of the hearth rarely exceeds 1000 mAh, an average of 650 mAh. How much charge is enough is not only a question of the frequency of the sessions, but also the strength of the liquid. The higher the percentage of nicotine, the faster saturation occurs with less energy consumption. When choosing, rely on this data:

Evaporation of 2 ml of liquid (such is the average volume of a cartridge) takes about 500 mAh of battery capacity;
With a strength of salt jus 30 mg / ml, the approximate daily consumption equivalent to twenty cigarettes will be about 0.8 ml;
Under such conditions, a fully charged 650 mAh battery will last four days;

Also, the hearths differ in the activation method, it can be a button or automatic inclusion from a puff. The similarity of the construct is compensated by a variety of design solutions, such products are akin to accessories that emphasize your personality.