Squonk Starter kit

Squonk Starter kit

First of all a Squonk mod is a vape mod with a built-in squeeze bottle.
The bottle is used to feed e-liquid to an atomizer.
Furthermore the atomizer that is usually used is an RDA.
The liquid goes up through the 510-connection in order to get to the atomizer. In essence, a squonk mod eliminates the need for dripping.
As a result, is “transformed” into a tank section for your atomizer.
Finally, because is a kit, the sqounk comes with the RDA as well.

We suggest you get to know more about boxing mods of the “squonk”, “Squonk” or “squonk” categories, which is more convenient for anyone, but, perhaps, let’s talk about everything in order. Surely you saw on the street and more than once a guy or a girl let out huge “clouds of steam”, then it did not give you rest and you googled for a long time trying to figure out the situation, and if it was, then you probably are not familiar with the word drip. Let’s put everything on the shelves.
Squonk atomizers

RDA, RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser), drip or drip atomizer is one of the types of serviced atomizers that vapers use in their practice. The word itself came from “to drip” – what is translated, how to drip. The essence is very simple before each session, soaking drip atomizer must be instilled. This type of atomizer is primarily loved for its flavor and for the thick clouds of steam, of course, do not forget about modern windings, with the help of which the desired effect is achieved. But, unfortunately, such atomizers have one significant drawback – they constantly need to be refilled every 5-10 puffs (depending on the installed winding). Some atomizers are dug from above, and to refuel some, you have to remove the casing itself. But for those who are too lazy to do this, our Chinese friends came up with a squonk system (skuong, squong, squonk).
Fashion squonk

Boxing mods created by such a system provide for the possibility of installing a special container for liquid, which is placed in the device itself. Also in the connector there is a special hole that connects to the same hole in the pin of the atomizer. The liquid enters the atomizer thanks to a special nozzle after the user clicks on the bottle of liquid (imagine the principle of the pump).

Today there are quite a lot of various squonk mods, there are completely mechanical ones, there are modes on the boards, there are printed on 3-D printers, there are expensive wood species, in general, everyone can choose what he likes and afford it. The first folds appeared back in 2009, when one of the first prototypes appeared and the first fold was called JuiceBox, which was created by one of the users of the ECF (E-Cigarette Forum). At that time, he did not pursue commercial goals and issued his mod as a prototype, and only then the Chinese adopted this idea, in other matters as always. At the time of the appearance of the first squonk format mod, most vapers thought that this idea was not very good and had no future, but years went by and today squonk mods are one of the most popular categories of any online store that sells devices for vapers.

Large companies that are developing both mods and atomizers naturally drew attention to such an evolution in the vaping world and, in turn, began to develop squonk devices. In principle, there wasn’t any need to modify anything there, it’s just that pins with holes, the so-called BF pins, were increasingly being added to the set of drips. If you still decide to get a similar device, then get ready for the fact that the device will not be the lightest and not from the category of stealth devices. Well, you can imagine that you will have a battery pack in your hands, in which there are two batteries, and also a place for a bottle for liquid, but when you buy this kind of device, you will surely provide yourself with excellent steam, in which in addition to “a lot of steam” you will find a real taste of seasoned liquid.

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