MTL atomizer

MTL atomizer

First of all MTL stands for Mouth To Lung.
Therefore these tanks are most wanted for vapers who prefer mouth to lung experience. Also, these tanks are set up for a more cigarette-like experience.
Vapers usually use them with a high-strength nicotine e-juice.
Another factor is that the airflow is more restrictive.
As a result, while vaping it will give you a more tight feeling.

MTL tanks are set up for a cigarette-like experience. They are typically used with high-strength nicotine e-juice. You don’t have to be a transitioning smoker to enjoy a nice mouth to lung style vape. Many vapers enjoy them for their concentrated flavor and restrictive airflow.

Unlike sub ohm tanks, MTL tanks will not produce huge clouds. They use higher-ohm coils which run on less wattage. Learn all about mouth to lung vape tanks in the guide below and see the top MTL vape on the market right now based on diligent testing and research.
A mouth to lung tank is a clearomizer that emulates the draw of a cigarette. Vaping on an MTL ecig involves a two-part process: first draw vapor in the mouth, and then inhale it to the lungs. Sounds familiar, right?

In the start of vaping the term was redundant: all vape tanks were MTL. With tech advancements, more powerful devices started entering the market. The airier atomizers tanks that came with these powerful devices created the need for new terminology. The term “mouth to lung tank” was born.

The tight draw is accomplished by a number of features that are present on most, if not all MTL e-cig tanks:

Narrow airflow channels to and from the coil
These ensure that you will have some resistance when vaping, as the air will have to get channeled through a restricted area until it reaches your mouth.

Single round wire high resistance coils
Most MTL coils will be made out of fine round wire that will not vaporize too much juice at once , allowing for lower consumption of higher nicotine e-liquids. These can be powered at a much lower power range than larger, multistrand coils.

Small chimneys
A reduced chimney will help maximize flavor while at the same time ensure that you are getting a more defined throat hit out of your vape.

Thin bore 510 drip tips
Thinner mouthpieces reduce the airflow and help emulate the feeling of smoking a cigarette.
Why use an MTL tank in vape community?

Simply put, a mouth to lung tank is considered the best kind of vape tank to quit smoking. From the Vivi Nova and CE4 days up until the arrival of the Aspire Nautilus series, MTL tanks have converted countless smokers to vapers. And the reason for that is simple: what better way to quit than to replace your experience with something that comes close to what you are used to.

While the arrival of quality sub ohm tanks slowed the MTL part of the market down, nicotine salt e-liquids and starter kits like the JUUL managed to bring back the tight draw. In fact, MTL tanks are often seen as upgrades to pod systems due to the fact that they can be combined with vape mods and provide a more customizable experience.
How to use an MTL tank

Start by priming your coil: drip around 5 drops of e-liquid in the middle of the coil and screw it on the atomizer. Fill the tank up to the top and let it sit for a while to allow for the wick to get wet. This will prevent an instant dry hit when firing up the tank.

Check for the recommended wattage of your coil. This will usually be written either on the coil itself or its package. Start firing at the lowest recommended wattage and slowly work your way up, raising the wattage by one watt for every 4-5 hits. This way you will be able to find your sweet spot without stressing your coil. Take care not to exceed the recommended wattage: most tanks are accurately rated and firing above the recommendations may lead to nasty dry hits!

Don’t forget that you don’t need to overdo it when drawing on an MTL tank. Take slow and steady pulls without using force. If you draw too hard you will end up choking the airflow, which may have you coughing in no time.
Advantages of MTL tanks

Size/portability able to be easily carried or moved, especially because being of a lighter and smaller version than usual.
MTL tanks are generally smaller than sub ohm tanks and easier to carry around. The most common diameter of an MTL tank is 22 mm, with many tanks being even smaller than that. In comparison, most sub ohm tanks are usually 24 mm or larger.

E-liquid consumption
An MTL tank will have a low rate of e-liquid consumption. The reason behind this is that the parts that make the tank up are always smaller than that of an airier tank. Smaller wick holes and coils mean less liquid on the coil, which leads to lower e-juice consumption.

Stealth vaping This form of vaping works best with concealable devices that have low power and have a tight MTL draw, often called stealth vapes. Stealth vaping is what you do when you don’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself.
The lower vapor production of MTL tanks allows for discreet vaping, which is commonly referred to as “stealth vaping.” If you don’t like to draw attention in public, then vaping on a tight MTL tank is the best way to avoid that.

Nic salt compatibility
While technically nic salts are the best fit for starter kits and pod systems, more and more MTL tanks come with coils designed for nic salt compatibility.

Less leaks
While there is no such thing as a “leak-proof” tank, the smaller airflow channels of MTL tanks ensure that leaks will not be catastrophic. On top of that, troubleshooting is much easier on a smaller tank than on a huge 6 mL cloud chucker.

Coil longevity
With less e-liquid running through the coils, you will be able to get more running time out of them. This is not an exact science, but most MTL-style coils will last anywhere between one to two weeks with average e-liquid consumption.