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AMY Deluxe I Need You Hookah

Wood is a noble material that has historically been used very early in the manufacture of hookahs. The first water pipes made in India were thus frequently made of wood, whether it was the column or even the vase which could be made of hollowed wood.

The modern era is seeing a return to wood, not as a basic component of the shisha pipe itself, but in an ornamental dimension. Wood is appreciated for its warmth and elegance. It dresses up contemporary hookahs and softens the austerity of metals.

It is precisely this very aesthetic use of wood that AMY makes in its new model called Pyrawood. With its large pyramidal glass base, the Pyrawood is a perfectly stable shisha pipe that will be ideal for sharing with friends without risking tipping over. The AMY Pyrawood vase has a slot for placing a decorative LED

As is the rule at AMY, the Pyrawood is fully equipped and ready to use with its silicone hose, its hose holder, its terracotta hearth with heating chimney or its large metal clamp which are all included!


– Amy brand hookah
– wooden column
– Height:44 cm
– Silicone and aluminum pipe
– Classic glass vase, thick and resistant
– Click fixing column
– Charcoal tongs, fireplace gasket, pipe gasket, supplied.
– Terracotta fireplace and heating chimney included