Al Duchan X Kohle 1kg – Radius (25mm) PAPHOS

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Al Duchan X Kohle 1kg

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Al Duchan X Kohle 1kg – Radius (25mm) PAPHOS

Al Duchan X is a nature coal out of coconutshell for oriental hookahs. Al Duchan X charcoal convinced by long burning time of about 2-3 hours, it also has a high calorific value and produces little ash. The product consists of carbonized coconut shell, which are pressed into cubes. 100% environmentally friendly production. The enjoyment of smoking hokkah is raised to a new level by using Al Duchan X charcoal.

Carbon content: ca. 77%
Sulur content: ca. 0,05%
Moisture content: ca. 7%
Ash content: ca. 2%
Volatile matter: ca. 13,2%

1 kg / 80pcs (25mm)

Please notice: The coal doesn´t include fast lighter and thus can only get glowed through a hot flame. We recommend the electric coal lighter.