Glycerin Base Vegetable Glycerine VG 100ML



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Glycerin Base Vegetable Glycerine
100% Vegetable Glycerine

Glycerin Base Vegetable Glycerine specifics:

Brand :  Royal Vape
Type : Glycerin Base or Vegetable Glycerine
Size : 100ml

First of all this is 100% vegetable glycerine base.
There are many ways that it can be useful and one of them is in order to get the final stage in e liquid.
Another factor of the vegetable glycerin is a little thick and also sweet.
Therefore it is a distinctive taste to it that, while slight, will affect the flavoring a little bit.
Because of the thickness your e liquid will prone to stick to the sides of the tank and also to the coil.
In order to clean your atomizer you can use alcohol-dipped swabs.
Another factor is that Vegetable glycerin has a very limited instances of allergic reactions being reported.
Finally high quality Glycerin Base Vegetable Glycerine by royal vape .
In addition you will get 100ml for a really small price.

Packing items :

1 x Glycerin Base Vegetable Glycerine 100ml


First of all this is Vegetable Glycerine.
In order to make your e liquid you are also going to need flavor.
Also , optional is the nicotine booster.
Finally this is 100% high quality.


Royal Vape

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