Fuse Clapton Kanthal Wire Vape Wires





Fuse Clapton Kanthal Wire Vape Wires
Vandyvape Resistance Wire

Fuse Clapton Kanthal specifics:

Brand: Vandyvape
Model: Fuse Clapton Kanthal
Type : Resistance Wire / DIY Wire
Compatible for :  RDA, RBA , RTA and RDTA atomizer
Size: 10ft = 3.048m
Resistance: 3.14ohm for 1ft = 30.38cm

Fuse Clapton Kanthal:

  • 0.3mm*2(=)+0.20mm, 10f  28GA*2(=)+32GA, 3.14ohmft ( 30.38cm )

Details for Fuse ClaptonKanthal :

First of all Fuse Clapton Kanthal is DIY wire from Vandy vape.
Because of the cloud and flavor chasing vapers with the DIY coils, Vandyvape created a variety or wires.
Due to that Vandyvape Resistance wires Clapton Kanthal are for building coils.
DIY coils are made for RDA, RBA , RTA and also RDTA atomizer .
Therefore this is one from their collection.
This wire comes wrapped on a plastic circle.
Furthermore the name of the Vandyvape Resistance wire is Fuse Clapton Kanthal.
Therefore is a bit different from the Vandyvape Resistance wire Clapton Kanthal.
Because of that you will find a difference at its OHMs and also at the diameters.
Due to that you will have a diameter of 0.3mm*2(=)+0.20mm.

Another factor of the Fuse Clapton Kanthal Wire is that is 10 ft long.
For those who know better in meters it means that is 3.38m long.
Finally the Fuse Clapton Kanthal Wire will give you 3.14 ohm per ft.

Packing items :

1 x Fuse Clapton KanthalVandy vape Wire Resistance (3m)

( on a plastic circle you will find the wire wrapped )

Note :

First of all in order to built a coil you will need other items as well.
Even though Vandyvape Resistance wireFuse Clapton Kanthal is a main tool you are going to need.
Therefore some other tools are here.
These tools are organic cotton, a meter,micro coil jig and also tweezers.
Furthermore you need to be an experienced vaper in order to build a coil.
If not please make sure you are fully informed about DIY and RDA, RBA , RTA and RDTA atomizers.
Finally all this is for your own protection.






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