GeekVape DIY Tools Accessory Mini Kit



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GeekVape DIY Tools
Accessory Mini Kit

GeekVape DIY Tools specifics:

Brand Name: GEEKVAPE
Model Number: DIY Tools
Item Type: Tools Kit
Compatible Model: DIY coils
Material: Metal
Color: Black

First of all this is a DIY Tool Kit.
As they are many brands of coils and atomizers now there are also many brands for the DIY toll kit.
This one for example is from GeekVape.
The DIY tool kit was made because of the DIY coils.
As a result, this tool kit will offer you the things that you need in order to build a coil.
Most basic tools can be found int the GeekVape DIY tool .
Furthermore there are five different tools inside this kit.
Therese are :

  1. Five different screwdrivers
  2. Diagonal piers
  3. Nipper
  4. Pliers
  5. Tweezers

As me mentioned before there are five different types of screwdrivers.
Therefore there are two cross screwdriver.
One with the size of 2.0mm and the other one with the size of 2.4mm.
Also there are two straight screwdriver as well.
One of them has a size of 2.0mm and the other of 3.0mm.
Finally there is only one hexagonal screwdriver with the size of 1.5mm

Packing items:

5 x different screwdrivers
1 x Diagonal piers
Also an Nipper
And Pliers
Plus Tweezer


Even though this Tool kit has the basic tools, you are still missing two very important items.
As a result we will provide them for an easier search  right  here.
One of these tools is the organic cotton and also the other one is the resistance wire.

Another important fact is that DIY is not recommended for beginner vapers.
That is because of the lack of information that they have about DIY coils and also the resistance.
Finally we recommend that beginner vaper or not you should be well informed about DIY coils and atomizers before using them.



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