RTA Marstech Manta


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RTA Marstech Manta
Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer

RTA Marstech Manta Rebuildable specifics:

Brand: marstech
Material: Metal
Model Number: PMM
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter : 24mm
Compatible Model: 510 Thread
Coils Type: Non-Replaceable
Coil Rebuildable: Yes
Capacity: 3/4.5 ml
Drip Tip: wide bore
Airflow: Adjustable Airflow
Color: Black


First of all for those who doesn’t know, this is an RTA tank.
RTA stands for “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer”.
Therefore, it is very easy to understand only from the name that you have to built the coil for the tank.
Furthermore, this tank has a capacity of 3 or 4.5ml.
That is due to the fact that in the package you will also find an extra glass.
The glass has different capacity.
Another factor is that it also has adjustable airflow system.
Because of the top filling design you will refill it much more easier.
The RTA is 510 threaded.
Therefore, it will fit on to your mod just perfectly.
Finally it comes in the color black.
This is made for all vapers who chase flavor and also clouds.

Packing items:

1x RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
Glass Tube


First of all , for any RTA, RTD, RDA or RDTA your going to need some tools.
These tools will help you rebuilt your coil.
Therefore, the cotton, wire or pre-built coils are a must have.
Because of that, vapemodbox has it all.
Furthermore, before rebuiliting it, please make sure that you are propper informed on how to do it.

RTA safety notes:

Most noteworthy is the Ohm’s Law.
Therefore in order to understand it better you can click here and watch this video.

Another factor is the wire that you will use.
Because of the different markets there are plenty of brands and wires that you can choose from
They are available in different sizes as well.
Basically, the wire with a higher gauge wire is thin.
Therefore it gives a higher resistance over it’s length than the lower gauge wire.
The lower gauge wire is thicker, and provides a lower resistance over it’s length.
Most important, your going to need a measure the resistance (ohms) of the coil.


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